Bad Boys On Motorbikes.

We’re sexy. You own three leather jackets that fit your shoulders in perfect tailoring and I own uncountable outfits of sheer back lace. You have that aura, that don’t mess with me or my girl or my bike, aura. It turns me on in so many different ways. I’m falling into this hole but I’m flying into it. Here, take me, take everything. Pin me against the wall and use my curves in ways I didn’t know existed. Bad boys on motorbikes, you’ll be the death of me. Pick me up at 2am and sneak me out of my house. I’m a bad girl but I am all yours. Get me drunk and ever give me a helmet. Drive fast, get reckless. Get high on the smoke from a whole pack of cigarettes. You’re so dangerous. I’m here to feel the feeling of losing it. Of surrender. Of badness. Bad boys on motorbikes, love me and leave me hurting like this. I am trying so hard to feel something.

-Neha Chaudhary


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